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Antique Kalaga...very rare design

DESCRIPTION:  "Kalaga" is the traditional name for embroidered tapestries dating back for more than a century. The Kalaga is created by taking a piece of cloth and stretching it over a frame and then, using heavy metallic thread, stitching, one by one, every individual sequin as well as top stitching the braided tree like columns in place. The central figure is padded, prior to adding the colorful details, giving it the appearance of a three dimensional and quilted quality. The detail and texture reveal a much more artistic characteristic of a culture previously considered rural and underdeveloped.

The Kalaga also presents insight into the culture by illustrating the stories and legends from the country's past or figures of the zodiac. Those who were born under the sign of the Horse are animated, earning high marks for honor and reverence. In Asia, especially, the horse represents absolute happiness and is associated with vivacity, loyalty, elegance and intelligence.

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Originally from Burma (Myanmar) or the Hill Countries of East Asia...this particular Kalaga was purchased  at the famous Antique Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

TYPE TEXTILE:  Traditional Kalaga


FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION: This absolutely charming Kalaga is burnished with age...the stitching, braiding, sequins and shiny, large, glass beads are all intact and in excellent condition...it is definitely one of a kind.

FINISHED SIZE:  13 1/4 inch square

PRESENTATION:  The wood en frame of this lovely art piece portrays the rustic as well as the sophistication of the Kalaga by surrounding the antique material with a slightly distressed inner portion of the frame enclosed within a shiny outer portion thereby obviating the need for an inner mat. The Kalaga has been carefully framed to protect the material from the glass as well as from the sun's rays by the use of non glare, 97% UV glass. This extraordinary piece has been mounted in conformance with the highest standards in order to ensure a damage free environment for its future protection.  

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $425

TTAC will personally pack and ship via UPS at company expense within the continental United States.

Price: $ 425.00 Quantity:


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