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DESCRIPTION:   This magnificent, free style, hand embroidered Pine Tree (“Matsu”) has been created entirely from hand made, pure white, gold threads. This is a form of “Couching,” which, in Japan, was an elaborate and costly process of decoration. This precious White Gold Thread is prepared by first painting a layer of liquid gold on thin, hand finished paper, usually rice paper, and then wrapping it around several threads of Silk. Because of its delicacy, it could not be sewn into the fabric; but was, instead, laid on top of the fabric, and then hand stitched to it. 

The sapphire, Satin Silk background has been hand woven and hand dyed in the dark ink navy so popular in the late 1700s. It is a rare, Silk Fukusa or formal gift cover that could only have belonged to one of the families of highest standing in Japan. The Pine Tree, which symbolizes longevity, has been overlaid on top of a complex webbing that has been embroidered with Silk threads to represent the Sun in all its intensity and magnificence. Together, the Pine and the Sun make a powerful statement regarding the family’s emphasis on the virtues of long life. 


Fukusa or formal gift cover used for ceremonial occasions.

Edo Era (1615 - 1867), ca 1800s 

Hand woven heavy Satin Silk, embroidered with pure gold and silk threads in wonderful condition 

approx. 27" w x 34"h

This stunning Fukusa has been set within a silver, filigreed fillet with a matching brushed wood frame. The natural fibre, reverse bevel cut mat has been covered by hand to match the sapphire Silk of the Fukusa. It is protected by non glare, 97% UV glass. This extraordinary piece has been mounted in conformance with the highest standards in order to ensure a damage free environment for its future protection. 

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $3200.00 

Professional packing and shipping is included within the continental United States


Price: $3200.00 Quantity:

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