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This sophisticated rendition of the legendary Dragon ("Ryu") has been hand painted and hand stenciled in the "Rice Paste Resist" technique on  a very old, hand woven and rare transparent Silk Gossamer whose weave is referred to as "Karami Ori." The overall sheer quality of this gauze marks it as a silk that could only be worn in three summer months: June, July and August. Garments created from this fine cloth could only be worn by the wealthiest and highest ranking individuals who could afford to have Kimono of this quality in storage for the rest of the year. The fact that this heirloom fragment has been preserved from a man's "Nagajuban" or Under Kimono marks it as belonging to a man of great substance. This is further reinforced by the use of natural dyes in shades of purple or "Murasaki," which was reserved for members of the Imperial Family. Purple was considered a "King" among colors and the name, Murasaki, from the famous novel, The Tale of Genji, came to be associated with one's being a "paragon" among equals.

It is alleged that dragons lived in the water, but would  occasionally ascend to the heavens, with the help of the ocean's waves, bearing the trials and tribulations of man. This has been used as a metaphor for man's leaving evil behind and advancing in the world. The immense value of this precious textile fragment is greatly enhanced by the artist's seal on the related poetry written in the Japanese style of Kanji.


TYPE TEXTILE:  Informal Nagajuban or Under Kimono

APPROXIMATE DATE OR PERIOD:  Mid Edo (1615 - 1867)

FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION:  Finely hand woven, sheer, gauze-like Silk that has been hand painted using natural dyes and the Rice Paste Resist method. The hand painting and stenciling required that each color be applied separately, while all the others were painted out in the rice paste. Each time a new color was added, the rice paste had to be removed by soaking it out over and over and over again in the local river water; a time consuming and laborious process. It is in excellent condition.

FINISHED SIZE:  18 3/4” wide x 14 5/8” high

PRESENTATION:  Inner black velvet fillet enclosed in subtle pink-tinged taupe acid free mat, placed within a finely cross hatched wood frame in a combination of colors reflecting the natural dyes of the textile. The edging of the frame is uneven and tipped with black and silver to further enhance the Antique Textile Artwork. The glass is  97% UV protected. This magnificent example of heirloom Silk has been mounted in conformance with the highest standards in order to ensure a damage-free environment for its future protection

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $3400 

Professional packing and shipping provided within the continental United States


Price: $3400.00 Quantity:

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