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Some of the most rare and unusual Japanese textiles to survive into the 20th Century are examples of works of art created as Wedding Collars. For added adornment, upper class Japanese women would create these one of a kind pieces of art which would then be attached to the leading edge of the Wedding Kimono. 

This lovely white hand woven, silk wedding collar was composed freehand through skillful embroidery.  The dominant feature is the graceful flying crane (“Tsuru” denoting long life) highlighted with gold threads that divide the collar into two symbolic patterns, both including plum blossoms for charm and innocence and gold enhanced Temari balls (a courtly game to while away the long hours of winter).  To further emphasize the auspicious symbols intended for marriage are the pine trees (“Matsu”) on top, standing for constancy and longevity; and the bamboo (“Take”) on the bottom, denoting resilience and rectitude.  This piece is the only half of the original set to survive.  It is very rare to find hand worked kimono collars from this period in good condition, as the majority were so badly soiled from the bride’s cosmetics that they have disintegrated over time.      


TYPE TEXTILE:  Wedding Collar

APPROXIMATE DATE OR PERIOD:  Late Meiji (1868 - 1911)

FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION:  Fine, hand woven White Satin Silk embroidered in free hand style in white silk and gold threads.

FINISHED SIZE:  : 9 inches wide by 15 1/4 inches tall

PRESENTATION:   Double acid-free oval cut mats in gold and palest yellow set in a delicately carved muted gold wooden frame.  It is protected by non glare, 97% UV glass. This textile has been mounted in conformance with the highest standards in order to ensure a damage free environment.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $750

Professional packing and shipping provided within the continental United States

Price: $750.00 Quantity:

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