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This is a wonderful panorama typical of the old arts of Japan celebrating the Twelfth Century or the Heian Era in Japanese History. There has been a constant fascination with the Heian Era, which was considered a time of peace and tranquility  that lasted from 794, when the Imperial Court was established at Kyoto, to 1185. It was the great period of "classic" aristocratic culture in Japan. This distinctive vista also represents the manner in which much of Japanese Art portrays a wide expanse of territory as well as different points in time. It uses the classic "bird's eye view" technique, by interspersing varying portrayals of golden clouds, to separate a range of scenes in as lifelike a manner as possible.

Thus we see clusters of Villages ("Mura), Mountains (Yama"), Pine ("Matsu"), grand buildings ("Tatemono") with historical or public ("Birujingu") associations, and, most significantly, a celebratory Festival ("Matsuri") Procession...all of which tend to  idealize Japan's historical past and this Era specifically.

In Japan, extraordinary days are typified by annual Festivals with their portable Shrines ("Mikoshi"), surrounded by processions of Samurai and local townspeople. It all imparts a delightful feeling of movement,  and emphasizes the significance of  the   celebration of  ritual throughout Japanese History up to the current day, where these fabulously colorful and boisterous events still occur.




FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION:  Finely woven and textured Silk with a multitude of Gold Threads

FINISHED SIZE:  33" wide x 23" high

PRESENTATION:   Gold wood French-Silk Frame with double acid free mats of gold and deep red. It is protected by non glare, 97% UV glass. This magnificent example of tapestry Silk has been mounted in conformance with the highest standards in order to ensure a damage-free environment for its future protection

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $850.00

Professional packing and shipping provided within the continental United States

Price: $850.00 Quantity:

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