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DESCRIPTION:  This is an exquisitely embroidered white Silk Fukusa, or formal gift cover, commissioned by a wealthy and prominent family whose intent was to use it as a dramatic cover when presenting a gift. The practice of covering a gift was widespread in Japan before the 1900s. The Fukusa was a valuable family heirloom, as the family itself designed the gift cover to be a thing of beauty.

The Silk has been hand woven and then skillfully embroidered with a pair of perfectly detailed Crane, “Tsuru,” standing beneath a Pine Tree, “Matsu,” with a stylized stream, bamboo and sun. All of the elements in this design are vital to the symbolism of longevity that was of such importance to the family, and all have been executed in the finest embroidery


TYPE TEXTILE: Formal Fukusa or Gift Cover. A “Fukusa” is a cloth used to cover a gift that has been placed on a wooden or lacquered tray during the gift’s elaborate and formal presentation, all of which followed closely defined rules of etiquette. 

APPROXIMATE DATE OR PERIOD:  Meiji Era (1868 - 1912), before the turn of the century

FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION: Pure hand woven Silk that has been hand embroidered in an incredibly life like portrait of Mandarin Crane. The hand tied silk tassels have been tied in the design that indicates the age in which the Fukusa was created. In excellent condition.

FINISHED SIZE:  13 1/2" wide x 15" high

PRESENTATION: Fabulous wall hanging or framed work of art. The Fukusa is actually 2 separate sides sewed together at the outer seam with the inclusion of the 4 tassels. 

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $1150

TTAC will personally pack and ship via UPS at company expense within the continental U.S.

Price: $1150.00 Quantity:

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