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DESCRIPTION:  The extremely fine threads, beautiful weaving and imaginative patterns in Okinawan Silk Pongee or "Tsumugi" are unrivaled in the exquisite quality of this informal, fully reversible man's topcoat that has been sewn completely by hand both inside and out. In ancient Okinawa, to envelop your body with a woven cloth represented your desire to embrace and to protect the sacred spirit concealed within the body. Thus, this Haori was much more than a protective covering.  This fabulous Silk is also referred to as "Oshima Silk," and was greatly prized and extraordinarily expensive, as it required a year's work for the weaving of one garment. It is still highly prized.

What makes the Haori for men so intriguing, however, is the fact that the main source of decoration is on the inside of the garment (shown left), or the lining. The inner back panel of this remarkable Haori has been hand woven of the finest quality Silk in a motif that incorporates two basic shapes: the open book ("Hon") and the open fan ("Ogi"), that have been, further, intriguingly designed. The two designs bear an interesting relationship as the open book displays a pine filled mountainside leading up to Torii gates, the entry to any Shinto Shrine; while the open fan, representing an open future, contemplates the actual Shrine itself. Additionally, there is a border of handwoven grasses of autumn, honored with viewing parties in Japan, glowingly drawn in a rare shade of pink.

Only a member of a family of wealth and high status could have worn a garment of this quality for informal use.


TYPE TEXTILE:  Informal Haori or topcoat

APPROXIMATE DATE OR PERIOD:  Mid Meiji Era (1868 - 1911)

FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION:  Hand woven Tsumugi Silk outer garment with finely hand woven lining in excellent condition.

PRESENTATION:    To hand as a display or work of art, or to wear (perhaps with the inside panel on the outside) for a very formal or elegant occasion.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $875

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Price: $1450.00 Quantity:

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