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This magical hand painted small child's informal Silk Kimono, obviously belonged to a child of high social standing, as witnessed by the extent to which the parents went to dress their child appropriately for a special occasion. The dramatic Shi Shi Dog was created through the “Rice Paste Resist” or "Tsutsugaki" technique of painting.   In order to apply each individual color, all the remaining colors must first be painted out in the rice paste. This is an extraordinarily difficult, time consuming, and labor-intensive artistic process that often took months to accomplish. The pale yellow background color serves to highlight the bold image of the Lion Dog or  "Karashishi."

The "Shi Shi" dogs are often found guarding the gates to Buddhist Temples. They are characterized by their fierce expression, large eyes, curly mane, bushy tail, and curly locks of hair on their legs. In this example, the Shi Shi dog is holding a ball or "Tama" in it s paw. Another article often associated with the Shi Shi is the stylized Pearl, "ShiShidama," (around the hem) which is a symbol of purity and appears as one of the treasures of the "Takaramono," a collection of riches related to the gods.  Thus, Shi Shi dogs came to symbolize a broader concept of protection for young children in much the same way that images of tigers are used to protect children in China. The Pearl appears on both sleeves of the Kimono with the Chrysanthemum ("Kiku"), the flower of the Imperial Family; and, around the hem with the Bamboo ("Take"), imparting strength and flexibility, and the Pine ("Matsu"), representing longevity.  This image is further enhanced by the  Family Crest (“Mon”) which  appears 5 times on the shoulders and back of the garment and indicates that it was to be worn for formal occasions. The Crest is that of the Pine, in its most stylized derivation.

 From the high sheen of this finely hand woven Silk to the actual painting  this child's Kimono is a valued heirloom.


TYPE TEXTILE:  Small Child's Kimono

APPROXIMATE DATE OR PERIOD:  Meiji Era (1868 - 1911)

FABRIC CONTENT and CONDITION:  Hand woven Silk "baby"  Kimono has a wonderful lustrous shine to the overall garment.  It has been woven in a pattern on pattern geometric weave. There are some very minute and unnoticeable mildew spots on the front of the garment  (not shown here); otherwise, it is in excellent condition.

FINISHED SIZE:  26" wide x 30" high

PRESENTATION:    Adorable artwork to be hung or framed; or, for a wonderful occasion, to be worn.

A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

PRICE: $650.00

TTAC will personally pack and ship via UPS at company expense within the continental U.S.

Price: $ 650.00 Quantity:

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